Clamp Connectors & Hubs

JIQ Clamp connectors & Hubs are designed to provide a completely safe, tight and reliable seal between connected pipe sections and are compatible with other industry leading manufacturers. These products come in a variety of metallurgies such as Alloy and Stainless-Steel options as well as a full range of sizes.

Each product comes with unique serialisation. JIQ manufacturing process gives an enhanced machined surface finish resulting in easier installation due to lower make-up torque required.

JIQ manufacture with the highest technical standards with all products having full certification and document traceability

Features & Benefits
UK Orgin
RFID Traceability
Quick installation & removal, suitable for applications where frequent disassembly and reassembly are necessary.
Simplifies logistics and storage versus traditional flanged connections.
Versatility – utilized in various pipeline configurations & flowline designs Assured integrity due to the metal to metal seal design
Provision of seal reliability with metal to metal seal
360° Orientation
Minimal downtime for maintenance
Compatible with 3rd party equipment
Local inventory of finished products allows immediate availability
International shipping available on request
Seal Rings

With over 10,000 units successfully deployed into our clients’ operations, JIQ Seal Rings are designed and manufactured to guarantee steadfast metal-to-metal gas-tight sealing performance in all conditions. JIQ Seal Rings offer fully compatible reliability and product integrity at excellent value and come in a range of sizes for your application needs. Transition Seal Rings are also available allowing for convenient make-up of opposing-sized hubs. Most common size seal rings are generally available from locally held stock allowing immediate local and international order fulfilment.

Features & Benefits
Country Of Origin – UK
Pressures Rating 15,000psi [1,034 Bar]
Temperatures Rating -46°C – 175°C [-52°F – 350°F]
Xylan PTFE Coated
Suitable for applications in H2S environments
Individually serialised and QR coded label for full traceability
Fully compatible with other manufacturers' hubs and clamps
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